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William Wilson

"This is an affair involving my family," Chen...

By belmoreraful, 14.10.2010, 09:42
"This is an affair involving my family," Chen said quietly"Perhaps Buddha will be merciful and let me through He took off his long gown, picked up a bag of his 'chess piece' projectiles, tucked the ancient dagger into his belt, and let Zhou lead him to the first hall As they reached the hall entrance, Zhou stopped"Master Chen," he whispered"If you can't make it, please come back and we'll think of some other wayWhatever you do, don't try and force your way through or you may get hurt "Everything is arranged!" Zhou shouted, and then stepped to one side Chen pushed open the door and walked insideUnder the bright candle-light, he saw a monk seated on a mat, and recognised him as one of the abbot's chief assistants, Great Hardship The monk stood up and smiled"So you have come yourself, Great Helmsman ChenI chanel watches would like to ask you to instruct me in a few martial arts moves Chen saluted him with his fists Great Hardship bunched his left hand into a fist and swung it round in a great arc while his right palm swept upChen recognised it as the 'Drunken Boxing' style kung fuHe had once studied the style, but decided not to reveal the fact by using it nowHe clapped his hands together and countered with the 'Hundred Flowers' kung fu styleGreat Hardship was taken off guard and only avoided being struck by dropping to the floorHe rolled away and stood up, and the two continued to fight closely, each a master of his own style Great Hardship aimed a blow at Chen's legsChen leapt up, and as he landed, hooked his right leg round, tripping the monk up neatlyAs fast as lightning, Chen bent over and stopped him from fallingGreat Hardship's black chanel tote face flushed red with embarrassment and he pointed behind him "Please proceed," he said Chen saluted once more and walked through into another hall, seated in the middle of which was the senior monk, Great InsanityAs Chen entered, the monk rose and picked up a thick staff lying beside himHe casually tapped the floor with its tip, and the impact shook the very walls of the hall, bringing a shower of dust down from the raftersThe monk lightly flipped the staff from left hand to right, then attacked using the 'Crazy Demon' staff style of kung fuChen knew it would be folly to underestimate the power of this opponent, and he drew his daggerGreat Insanity swept the staff across and Chen ducked down to avoid it then countered with a thrust from his daggerThe two fought round and round inside the hall, their weapons apparently rolex watches for women greatly mis-matched Rather than attack, Chen concentrated instead on trying to tire the monk outBut Great Insanity's Inner Strength Kung Fu was profound, and as time passed, Chen could discern no hesitation in the monk's actionsOn the contrary, the staff seemed to whirl and dance with ever-increasing speed, forcing Chen back into a corner of the hallSeeing Chen could not escape, Great Insanity grasped the staff in both hands and swung it down at his head with all his strengthChen stood stock-still until the staff was no more than two inches from him, then grabbed its end and carved a deep line across the middle with his dagger, snapping it in two Great Insanity was furious, and charged at Chen againBut with the staff only half its former length, he wielded it with much less dexterityA moment later, Chen snapped dolce

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