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William Wilson

@@@@@I put my glass aside and almost knocked it

By belmoreraful, 20.10.2010, 12:04
@@@@@I put my glass aside and almost knocked it over "What?" Wireman asked"For God's sake, what?" "You need to get your little red book of phone numbers He went and got it, then handed me the cordless telephoneI sat for a moment with it in my lap, not sure who to call firstBut there is one rule of modern life even more ironclad than the one which states that there's never a cop 844 around when you need one: when you really need a human being, you always get the answering machineThat's what I got at Dario Nannuzzi's home, at Jimmy Yoshida's, at Alice Aucoin's"Fuck!" I cried, slamming the disconnect button with my thumb when Alice's recorded voice started in with "I'm sorry I'm not here to take your call right now, but-" "They're probably still celebrating," Wireman said"Give it time, amigo, and it'll all quiet down "I don't have time!" I said"Fuck! Shit! Fuck!" He put a hand on mine, and spoke soothingly"What is it, Edgar? What's wrong?" "The pictures are dangerous! Maybe not all, but some, for sure!" He thought about it, then noddedLet's think about thisThe most dangerous ones are probably the Girl and Ship series, right?" "YesI'm sure that's the case "They're almost certainly still at the gallery, waiting to be framed and shippedEven the word was scary"I can't let that happen 845 "Muchacho, getting sidetracked is what you can't let happen He didn't understand this wasn't a sidetrackPerse could whistle up a great wind when she wanted toI found the number of the Scoto and dialed itI thought it was just possible that someone might be there, even at quarter of eleven on the night after the big shindigBut the ironclad rule held, and I got the machineI waited impatiently, then pressed 9 to leave a general messag

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