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William Wilson

@@@@@The long red scar on her body was like

By belmoreraful, 24.10.2010, 05:39
@@@@@The long red scar on her body was like a streak of white-hot steel, but it was forgotten in the overwhelming joy she felt whenever she touched her baby or even looked at her"Send her away!" Scarlett said when the healthy young wet nurse was brought in"Time after time I had to bind my breasts and suffer agonies while the milk dried up, all to be a lady and keep my figureI'm going to nurse this baby, have her close to meI'll feed her and make her strong and see her grow When the baby found her nipple the first time and nursed greedily with a tiny wrinkle of concentration on her brow, Scarlett smiled down at her with triumph"You're a Momma's girl, all right, hungry as a wolf and fixed on getting what you want The baby was baptized in Scarlett's bedroom, because Scarlett was too weak to walkFather Flynn stood near the Viceregal bed where she was propped up against lace-trimmed pillows holding the baby in her arms until she had to give her over to Colum, who was godfather

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