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William Wilson

@@@@@Another woman would have given

By belmoreraful, 28.10.2010, 07:42
@@@@@Another woman would have given in completely to the wheelchair by nowShe hauls her hundred and eighty up on that walker and plods around this air-conditioned museum, the courtyard outsideshe even used to enjoy target-shooting, sometimes with one of her father's old handguns, more often with that harpoon pistol, because it's got less kickAnd because she says she likes the soundYou see her with that thing, and she really does look like the Bride of the Godfather "That's how I first saw her," I said"I took to her right away, and I've come to love herJulia used to call me mi companeroI think of that often when I'm with Miss EastlakeShe's mi companera, mi amigaShe helped me find my heart when I thought my heart was gone "I'd say you struck lucky "Maybe s?, maybe noTell you this, it's going to be hard to leave herWhat's she gonna do when a new person shows up? A new person won't know about how she likes to have her coffee at the end of the boardwalk in the morningor about pretending to throw that fucking cookie-tin in the goldfish 460 pondand she won't be able to explain, because she's headed into the fog for good now He turned to me, looking haggard and more than a little frantic"I'll write everything down, that's what I'll do - our whole routineAnd you'll see that the new caretaker keeps to itWon't you, Edgar? I mean, you like her, too, don't you? You wouldn't want to see her hurtAnd Jack! Maybe he could pitch in a littleI know it's wrong to ask, but-" A new thought struck himHe got to his feet and stared out at the waterThe skin was so tight on his cheekbones that it s

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